Kizomba and Semba are two styles of dance and music from the Afro-Portuguese cultural area surrounding the countries and communities related to the Portuguese language, specifically Angola. Other countries like Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal and Sao Tome and Principe are not to be neglected as well. Semba is the "mother" of Kizomba, it has more festive, fast paced and energetic side compare to Kizomba. The word Kizomba itself means "party" in Kimbundu, one of the main languages ​​spoken in Angola. This dance has developed in all of the Portuguese-speaking African countries and has allowed the apparition of very particular and characteristics styles in certain geographical areas, both in the dance and in the music: ghetto zouk, Cabo love, tarraxinha etc. ... In recent years, Kizomba has been very popular in both Europe and North America. Montreal is by the way one of the cities with a great Kizomba community in terms of dancers and schools. In December 2016, Charlotte, Katharina, Moussa, Rachid and Sylvie decided to collaborate in order to create their own dancing school: Sem'N'Kiz na rua.


Teach Kizomba and Semba to students and dancers, help them reach a dancing maturity and allow them to have a solid knowledge of the Afro-Portuguese speaking cultures.


A complete well-being through a full knowledge of the Afro-Portugues culture and a mastery of the body through the dance.


---- Conviviality ----

Great environment, great atmosphere, shared passion about the Kizomba word and socializing are among things students at SNK can expect.

---- Quality ----

SNK offers quality classes that are technically advanced. Steps and combinations are well taught so that each dancer's individual abilities are greatly increased throughout their learning process. Each teacher's several years of experience and background brings an added value to the school when it comes to dancing and teaching Kizomba and Semba.

---- Presence ----

SNK teachers offer additional listening and support presence (even outside of regular classes) to their students in order to help them develop their individual dancing skills.

---- Welcoming ----

SNK na rua earned the reputation of being a great welcoming school. Teachers strive to make sure no one is left aside and that everyone develops this "inclusive way" of helping each other at all times.


Rachid & Charlotte

Originally from Niger, Rachid has been dancing zouk, hip-hop, dancehall, and many others in his childhood. He arrived in Montreal for his university studies in 2001 and discovered Kizomba at the same time as his friend Moussa in 2011. They both join Afrolusodance school and evolve rapidly while staying real passionate about this dance. A few years later, Rachid passionately perfected his pedagogy talents.

In 2014, Rachid meets Charlotte. From then on, they form a fusional tandem and become partners. They leave Afrolusodance in 2015 and few months later, they decide to create their own Kizomba school: Danses Sans Frontières. In late 2016, Danses Sans Frontières joined forces with Moussa and 2 other friends, Sylvie and Katharina, in order to give birth to Sem'N'Kiz Na rua.

His experience as a teacher is strong and recognized by many students. His motto ? Non-stop evolution, to share better!

Born in France, Charlotte began ballet dancing at the age of 3. She did it for more than 13 years. She spends all her childhood and adolescence discovering different styles of dance and is very passionate about contemporary dance. She is so passionate that she decides to continue by studying it. After brilliantly obtaining a literary diploma with a dance specialty, she also passed the "Examen d'Aptitudes Techniques" test that allowed her to become a state-certified teacher of the contemporary dance. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Strasbourg for 3 years in the "Performance Arts". In 2014, she arrived in Quebec to study contemporary dance performance.

In parallel to her studies, she discovers couples' dances (waltz, tango, cha-cha, Dominican bachata, Cuban salsa, foxtrot, ...) and it is by meeting Rachid that she is trained in Kizomba at Afrolusodance. They then decide to create their own dance school. Since then, she has been committed to bringing precision, subtlety and softness to her practice of Kizomba.

Both, Rachid and herself decided to collaborate with 3 friends; Moussa, Katharina and Sylvie, in order to create Sem'N'Kiz na rua at the end of 2016. Her motto? Passionately share her dance knowledge with students!

Group classes

Sem’N’Kiz na rua is conveying you to come take Kizomba / Semba classes. Real passionates and pedagogues, Rachid and Charlotte are well known and recognized for their discipline, precision, availability and attention towards their students.

March 5th to March 27th

Class Level Time Studio
Kizomba / Semba Beginner Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm B
Kizomba / Semba Beginner progressive Thursday 8:30pm-10:00pm A
Kizomba / Semba Intermediate progressive Friday 8:00pm-9:30pm B
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Private classes

As much as possible, private lessons are always held in the presence of 2 teachers (Charlotte and Rachid), whatever the number of persons taking the class. We have noticed that our students progress much more efficiently when they are lucky enough to have 2 teachers focusing on their progress rather than just one. In addition, it is possible to combine development objectives for a quality and rapid progression (example, improvement on the technical level by seeing or refreshing certain fundamentals with Rachid, while working on the style with the external artistic eye provided by Charlotte). We generally give sessions of 4 private classes because it is important for us to ensure progression and follow-up. But occasionnally, it is possible to take only 1 class.

Tariffs (All taxes included)

Single person 80$ /h
2 people or more 60$ /h /person
Studio rental 20$ /h

Contact us   for more details.

Festa De Rua

« Festa De Rua » (Street parties) happen on Fridays every two (2) weeks.
Unique nights in Montreal, they are characterized by a friendly, warm and festive atmosphere, a resident Angolan DJ (DJ The Best) and invites guest DJs from the national and international scene.

How does a Festa De Rua occur ?
- Intermediate progressive class between 8:00pm and 9:30pm
- Dancing night between 9:30pm and 2:00am

Nossa Festa

For its 3rd year anniversary, Sem’N’Kiz na rua conveys you to an EXCEPTIONAL event. Boost your all around dancing level with 5 workshops from one of the greatest dancers but also and above all one of the greatest pedagogues on the Kizomba scene : EDDY VENTS

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Little Demo by Rachid & Charlotte at the end of their workshop during the Smile Paradise Weekender

Do you want to learn kizomba / semba with all your comfort? Do you like to learn while having fun? Join us in our online workshops!

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Contact us

        +1 (438)-823-4571


          6889 Boulevard Saint Laurent, 2nd floor
               Montreal, QC H2S 3C96



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